Eerie, beautiful, captivating images of sea urchins mating and being born (that little triangle guy is a baby sea urchin).

These are a glimpse of how life begins in the deep ocean — and there’s a lot of life down there. The oceans provide about 190 times as much living space as every other space on Earth — soil, air and fresh water — put together. A vast array of amazing creatures live in the depths of this watery world. Squid, jellyfish, and plankton are just a few of our favorites (all shown as tiny babies in that last gif).

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Another great look at the alien world of the ocean. See closeups of coral here.

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Christopher Rodriguez - Between Artifice and the Sublime


TracerX Photography - Facebook
Girl in photo is Briana Bixby - Facebook


TracerX Photography - Facebook

Girl in photo is Briana Bixby - Facebook

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